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Loam Bio, Carbon Technologies Leader, Launches New Opportunities for the U.S.

VIDEO: Jesse Allen sits down to learn more about Loam Bio, officially launching in the U.S. for the 2024 growing season.

[ST PAUL, MN] – Loam Bio, an Australian leader in carbon market technologies, announces its entry and product offering to the U.S. market. The company’s groundbreaking microbial technology, CarbonBuilder increases stable carbon in the soil, allowing farmers access to carbon markets through the company’s carbon program, SecondCrop, without the initial risk of major practice change.

“Loam Bio has created a solution that pairs our novel microbial technology to build soil carbon at scale with the ability to earn a higher return from premium carbon credits,” explains Kevin Hodges, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations at Loam Bio. “We’re providing options to U.S. farmers to measure and build carbon in the most stable forms and therefore create the greatest value for their businesses and the environment.”

New proprietary biological helps farmers build stable soil carbon

Loam Bio set out to help farmers increase stable soil carbon – agnostic of their current management practices. The company’s novel biological, CarbonBuilder puts farmers on an accelerated path to resiliency and profitability, unlocking the potential of crops to build stable soil carbon as early as year one.

Through years of global research, CarbonBuilder shows the ability to harness the power of beneficial soil fungi to increase aggregate and mineral-associate carbon, the most stable carbon pools, while improving soil structure and ultimately soil health and productivity.

“Our approach to carbon capture is rooted in science,” says Dr. James Presnail, Vice President of Product Development at Loam Bio. “With CarbonBuilder, farmers can achieve stable carbon storage, with the added benefits of enhanced crop and soil health. Our groundbreaking approach aligns with Loam’s core mission of driving returns for farmers while enabling them to foster a more resilient agricultural system and make a significant positive impact on the environment.”

Increased grower control of carbon credits, higher carbon credit pricing

While farmers are aware of carbon programs, many haven’t taken the leap to sign up. According to the September 2023 Purdue University Ag Barometer, 6% of farmers surveyed said they had engaged in conversations about carbon programs while only 2% signed up. Half cited low payments as the reason for not signing up.

Through SecondCrop, Loam Bio’s carbon program, farmers can unlock a higher price for premium carbon credits, making carbon sequestration more profitable and sustainable. Loam Bio’s outcome-based program removes the barriers to entry for early adopters of regenerative practices. Farmers can participate regardless of their sustainability approach, and own and control the carbon credits earned on their fields.

Through a targeted release, CarbonBuilder and SecondCrop will be available in the 2024 crop year to soybean farmers with a heavy focus in the Corn Belt and upper Midwest. For more information about CarbonBuilder and SecondCrop, visit

About Loam Bio

Loam Bio is dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture and carbon capture, harnessing the world’s smallest organisms to better our agricultural soils. Founded with the vision of empowering farmers to build soil health while enhancing their financial viability, Loam Bio combines cutting-edge novel technology with sustainable farming approaches to achieve meaningful carbon capture on a global scale.

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