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BioWake Prime™, a Corn Rootworm Bioinsecticide, Now Available in Select States

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Feb. 8, 2024  – BioWake Prime™, the new EPA-registered corn rootworm bioinsecticide from AMVAC® GreenSolutions™, is now available through retail facilities for the 2024 growing season.

BioWake Prime contains unique microbes that colonize corn plants, priming their natural defenses to protect against corn rootworm, which has exerted significant pressure on growers across the Corn Belt. Larval feeding of corn rootworm has led to millions of dollars in crop damage in recent years.

BioWake Prime has multiple modes of action to mitigate corn rootworm damage. The product interacts with the plant to prime its immune system, causing the plant to produce chemicals that repel corn rootworm larvae, making it hard for larvae to find the corn roots. BioWake Prime also acts to stimulate root regrowth and recovery when larvae reach the root and feed.

On-farm trials* showed that corn treated with BioWake Prime presented an additional 8 bu/A win advantage over grower standard practice. A laboratory assay conducted at the University of Missouri showed that when corn rootworm larvae were given a choice of roots treated with BioWake Prime and roots with no treatment, 70% chose to feed on roots with no treatment. When presented with only roots treated with BioWake Prime, 80% of larvae were unable to find roots to feed on. BioWake Prime should not be the only management tool in moderate-to-high corn rootworm larvae infestations.

“BioWake Prime is easy for growers to add into their integrated pest management programs for 2024,” says Ted Walter, U.S. GreenSolutions marketing manager at AMVAC. “Since it is a planter box solution, growers can easily add BioWake Prime to seeds before planting to reap its benefits this season.”

BioWake Prime has received state registration and is available for purchase in the following states: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

BioWake Prime is sold as a co-pack with BioWake™ for Corn, a biological seed lubricant that also boosts the nutrient uptake of corn plants while delivering superior seed flow.

Visit your local retailer to find BioWake Prime and BioWake for Corn.

For more information about BioWake Prime, visit To learn more about other biological products from AMVAC GreenSolutions, visit

*Source: 2023 NewLeaf Symbiotics on-farm trials with 10-acre strips comparing BioWake Prime to grower standard practice. 4.6 bu/A overall performance.

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