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Case IH Goes Big with AF11 Combine Introduction

Racine, Wisconsin (February 6, 2024) — Each year farmers are challenged to accomplish more within tighter windows. In order to get the most out of every engine hour, Case IH is launching the AF11 combine, an industry-leading powerhouse purposefully redesigned from the ground up to maximize time in the field.

The AF11 brings together runtime advancements through speed and technology to maximize in-field productivity in this 775 hp machine. By coupling Case IH’s first-ever dual rotor, the AFXL2, with an active and dynamic cleaning system, the AF11 delivers industry-leading capacity.

“We recognize growers have an increasing amount of ground to cover while facing unpredictable harvest windows and labor shortages. With the AF11, Case IH addresses these variables head-on,” says Leo Bose, harvesting segment leader. “We see this machine as a way to drive capacity, bring state of the art technology and bottom-line benefits for our customers, while also providing the reliability that customers have come to expect from Case IH.”

The AF11 builds upon Axial-Flow strength and heritage, providing matched capacity from header to spreader. The speed and throughput are delivered with consistent crop flow, reduced grain loss and radar-controlled residue management. The AF11 boasts a 567-bushel grain tank and a 6-bushel-per-second unload rate, leading stats for a Class 10+ combine. Plus, it delivers improved fuel efficiency and a large fuel tank to keep runtime at a maximum.

“Our product development process, which is centered around farmers, identified the need for matched capacity, speed and throughput,” adds Bose. “The AFXL2 dual rotor technology drives that capability to harvest more in less time.”

Drew Baker, a Canadian farmer, is looking to increase productivity and efficiency as harvesting windows narrow and input costs increase. Baker sees the AF11 as a way to revolutionize his farm amid those harvesting challenges.

“I would say [the AF11] makes us look differently at our future options. If we can cut our [grain] losses, do more in a day, burn less fuel and lose less out of the back of the combine – that’s a real advantage,” said Baker, who farms just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The AF11 is the first in the AF series and will offer a number of top-of-the-line technology-focused features, including Case IH’s combine automation solution, Harvest Command.

Case IH offers a suite of precision technology and connectivity products that not only simplify harvest operations, but also solve ongoing issues, such as labor and operating windows by opening doors to less experienced labor, and help an operation improve its ROI through shared analytics and diagnostics.

“The AF11 is offering technology-driven efficiencies to growers,” adds Bose. “It’s about elevating control – even if the farmer isn’t in the driver seat. We’re providing technology that can optimize machine settings in real-time to navigate even the toughest conditions harvest can throw your way.”

The AF11 will only be available in North America and more information about specifications and pricing will be released at a later date.

Look for the AF11 at the 2024 National Farm Machinery Show and to learn more about this fully redesigned combine, visit

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