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Favorite Super Bowl Snacks

The Super Bowl is on Sunday and will be watched by approximately 113 million people. Food is a big part of Super Bowl parties, and Frito-Lay’s Super Bowl Snack Index has some interesting food trends.

Seventy percent of experienced hosts begin gearing up by planning meals, and 51 percent start preparations at least a week early. Three in five guests admit the promise of top-notch food is the deciding factor in which Super Bowl party they attend. It’s particularly true in 77 percent of the under-40 crowd. Potlucks prevail as the preferred party format at 67 percent, highlighting the popularity of collaborative celebrations over host-provided fare.

Salsa (27 percent), French Onion (21 percent), and Queso (20 percent) are the top three dips. While salsa steals the spotlight among Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X dippers, Baby Boomers prefer French Onion. Thirty-five percent of consumers integrate their favorite snacks into their meals.

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