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Foremost Farms Joins Vanguard Renewables Strategic Alliance

Vanguard Renewables announced the addition of Foremost Farms USA to the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance this week. The strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in pursuing sustainable organic waste reduction and renewable energy generation within the dairy industry, according to Vanguard Renewables CEO Neil Smith.

Speaking of Foremost Farms, Smith says, “Their members’ commitment to sustainable farming practices is helping to create a more sustainable future for the dairy industry, and their desire to work with and learn from like-minded organizations to explore solutions for food waste aligns with our mission.”

By joining the alliance, Foremost Farms aims to further strengthen its dedication to sustainable practices and support generational dairy farmers across America. The Farm Powered Strategic Alliance is described as a collaborative initiative focused on driving systemic change, dedicated to promoting sustainable organic waste reduction. Vanguard Renewables partners with food and beverage manufacturers to recycle their inedible food waste via Farm Powered anaerobic digestion, which converts organic waste into renewable natural gas.

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