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Nearly 20% of Shoppers Purchase Groceries Online

Data from USDA’s Economic Research Service shows that nearly 20 percent of shoppers purchased groceries online in 2022, the latest dataset available. However, the frequency of online shopping varied.

At the time of the survey, among those who bought groceries online in the past month in 2022, 30.2 percent did so once, 25.1 percent made two online grocery purchases, and 44.7 percent purchased groceries online three or more times. Time constraints were the main reason people bought groceries online, while the main reason for not shopping online for groceries was that people like being able to see and touch products in person, according to the survey. ERS collected the data through the ERS-developed Eating and Health Module of the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Survey.

In 2022, the Eating and Health Module captured for the first time nationally representative data concerning the prevalence and frequency of U.S. residents who report shopping for groceries online.

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