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New Holland and Raven Industries Collaborate to Introduce Raven Cart Automation™

New Holland, Pa., February 13, 2024 — The days of jockeying between the grain cart and combine are ending. New Holland and Raven are introducing Raven Cart Automation: a sophisticated system that synchronizes combine and grain cart movements to ensure a streamlined activity while combining and unloading simultaneously on the go. This is part of New Holland’s continued commitment on its pathway to autonomy by revolutionizing the way farmers harvest. It sets the stage for a future where seamless coordination and unparalleled precision are the new norm in the field.

“Raven Cart Automation is a profound benefit for farmers and operators seeking to enhance control in the field and minimize traditional harvest time pain points like grain spillage and operator fatigue,” explains Paul Welbig, product marketing director – precision technology for New Holland. “With this technology, we’re empowering farmers and operators to reclaim their time, reduce fatigue and stress and navigate their fields with unmatched precision to amplify their productivity.”

Alleviating Harvesting Pain Points

Though automation is in the name, the drivers in the combine and grain cart remain. Raven Cart Automation syncs combine movement with the grain cart. It functions as a driver-assist technology in the tractor, allowing the combine operator to dictate positioning and speed of the grain cart during cart filling process.

The system activates once the grain cart driver is within range of the combine, approximately 200 feet, then the ability to sync the cart to the combine’s auger becomes available. To connect, the tractor operator engages automatic steering and propulsion, enabling the combine operator to control the bin positioning, speed and direction of the grain cart.

Once the grain cart is full, driving capabilities are re-engaged for the tractor operator to navigate to the unloading point. Through coordinated combine and tractor motions, the system significantly helps reduce grain spillage and operator fatigue that’s typically associated with manual unloading while on the go.

Designed for ease of use, Raven Cart Automation features a simple user interface with just a few buttons, ensuring operators — regardless of skill level — can effortlessly navigate and command the system. Often, grain cart operator training time is reduced when the Raven Cart Automation is a foundation of harvest processes. The technology stands out for its utilization of a real-time point-to-point radio connection between the combine and tractor, aligning with the GPS-based AB line set by each system.

Unmatched Versatility 

Designed for any size of operation, Raven Cart Automation delivers value from day one.

When using the system, operators can sync up to six tractors with one combine that is set up with the system. The technology’s ability to connect to multiple tractors allows the combine operator to orchestrate a harmonized harvesting process and manage complex operations with unprecedented precision, suitable for large operations. On the flip side, small- to mid-sized operations can offset labor constraints or shortages by supplementing technological assistance with Raven Cart Automation. This feature is applicable for any operation with a vested interest in improving operational efficiencies, no matter the number of acres harvested.

Compatibility and connectivity are also core aspects of this technology. Raven Cart Automation is available for most New Holland tractors with CVT/PST transmission (model year 2020 or newer) and seven CR combine models (model year 2015 and newer) — CR6.80, CR6.90, CR7.80, CR8.90 CR9.90, CR10.90 and CR11.

“Initial feedback from customers and dealers during testing has been overwhelmingly positive,” Welbig states. “We see a fit for this technology on so many different operations. It comes at a time when every bushel matters more than ever and the labor crunch is being felt on many farms across the U.S. and Canada.”

Raven Cart Automation is set to be commercially available beginning in mid-March 2024. For more information, visit or your local New Holland dealer.

See the Raven Cart Automation System Firsthand

Check out the new Raven Cart Automation system at two upcoming tradeshows, including National Farm Machinery Show, February 14-17, 2024, in Louisville, Kentucky (New Holland booth #6049), or Commodity Classic, February 28 – March 1, 2024, in Houston, Texas (New Holland booth #723).

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