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BASF Launches a New SCN Awareness Website

Soybean Cyst Nematode is present in most areas where soybeans are grown. Because nematodes feed on the roots of each plant, the damage is often difficult to detect with no above-ground symptoms. To help farmers do their jobs more efficiently, BASF launched, a website that will provide farmers with SCN sampling results from more than 4,000 collected samples across the U.S.

“SCN is the leading cause of soybean yield loss in the U.S., costing growers over 100 million bushels of yield and an estimated $1.5 billion annually,” says Troy Bauer, BASF Senior Technical Field Representative. “Farmers need to test their fields to ensure SCN isn’t becoming a problem without them realizing it.”

With, a farmer can see samples with high counts locally and know they need to take steps now to manage the threat of SCN. Additionally, SCN populations can change in season. For more information, go to

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