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Bio-Inoculant Specifically Designed for Cereal Crops, Now Commercially Available in U.S. and Canada

ST. LOUIS, MO. (March 5, 2024) — This planting season cereal farmers in the U.S. and Canada will have access to Yalos, a new bio-inoculant seed treatment developed by Lavie Bio – a subsidiary of Evogene and backed by Corteva Agriscience. Designed and proven to improve performance and increase yield for durum and hard red spring wheat, the commercial launch of Yalos follows more than 130 independent, third-party field trials conducted in North America.

“Sitting in the combine and watching the monitor you can clearly see the benefit from Yalos compared to my untreated acres – the bushels are better quality and there are more of them. The results speak for themselves,” says Kyle Nichols, a grower in Palermo, North Dakota who tested Yalos last year.

Results from 2023 field trials specifically focused on durum demonstrated a 7.1% average yield increase on 40-acre test plots in key production areas across North Dakota. This success builds upon previous spring wheat trials, which boosted yield average by 6%.

“Lavie Bio’s extensive trial data, spanning multiple years and diverse growing conditions, clearly demonstrates Yalos consistently increases yields by 4 bushels per acre,” says Russel Putland, Lavie Bio Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations and North America General Manager.

Yalos uses a combination of two microbes to enhance nutrient availability and uptake. Even in sub-optimal regions within fields, Yalos works to improve plant health and maximize production, while promoting healthier soils and environmental stewardship. The microbiome-based product will be readily accessible through distribution partnerships in both the U.S. and Canada for this spring’s planting season.

For more information, including details for the Yalos 2024 grower rebate programs, visit

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