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Continuum Ag and Siouxland Energy Cooperative Announce Collaboration to Explore 45Z Tax Credits

Washington, Iowa – March 21, 2024 – Siouxland Energy Cooperative of Sioux Center, Iowa, and Continuum Ag of Washington, Iowa, are pleased to announce their agreement to provide farmers a path to receive potential premiums associated with Carbon Intensity (CI) Certified Grain. Continuum Ag will provide farmers the certification necessary to participate while Siouxland intends to be a buyer for the certified bushels. The goal is to offer premiums for certified grain and capitalize on the pending 45Z Clean Fuel Production Tax Credits. 

“We could not be more excited to work with Siouxland and their farmers to quantify on-farm CI Scores and build potential tax credit markets. Farmers and biofuel manufacturers are each other’s key partner and teaming together to produce low-carbon fuels is an opportunity I’m glad we get to help with,” said CEO & Founder of Continuum Ag, Mitchell Hora. 

This exploratory partnership is aimed at encouraging farmers to educate themselves, quantify their baseline CI Scores at TopSoil.Ag, and spread awareness of the potential opportunities ahead. 

“Siouxland Energy Cooperative is happy to pursue a journey forward with Continuum Ag and bring our farmers to the table to help us capitalize on the pending 45Z opportunity. This is an incredible opportunity for American biofuels and we believe this collaboration can be instrumental as we look to farmers to help us meet our low carbon goals,” said Tom Edwards, Grain Merchandiser for Siouxland Energy. Learn more about SEC at or view a short video at 

If you are a farmer and you are ready to find out your CI Score, visit the Billion Bushel Challenge ( to get a code for 95% off the purchase of your CI Score! 

Learn more about how you can benefit from the 45Z Tax Credits at 

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