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El Niño’s impact on U.S. Farmers

The 2024 growing season is expected to bring a unique combination of El Niño this spring through early summer before switching to La Niña in late summer through early fall.

Farmers Business Network says the opposing climate patterns have the potential to trigger significant weather events that could have problematic impacts on crop production. 2023 ended with a strong El Niño, which is weakening now and will end around April. However, the long-term impacts will be felt throughout the growing season. The U.S weather patterns will likely shift back to normal between April and July, followed by a probable La Niña through September. The report also says 2024 planting dates will likely be slightly earlier for wheat and rice while remaining typical for corn and soybeans.

Corn, wheat, and soybean yields are expected to increase this year because of El Niño, while rice yields will slightly decline from last year.

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