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Feed Industry Supports EMIT LESS Act

The American Feed Industry Association applauded several senators for introducing the “Enteric Methane Innovation Tools for Lower Emissions and Sustainable Stock (EMIT LESS) Act.” By expanding USDA’s research and incentivizing the adoption of emissions-reducing practices on farms, the bill aims to mitigate the significant environmental impact of enteric methane emissions from American dairy and beef cattle operations.

“We thank the senators for introducing a bill that strengthens our country’s research and conservation programs while recognizing the unique role that animal nutrition and feed ingredients play in reducing on-farm enteric methane emissions,” says Constance Cullman, president and CEO of the American Feed Industry Association. “The EMIT LESS Act shows that right alongside animal food innovators, our country is willing to invest in a more sustainable future.”

AFIA also says the bill’s key provisions include integrating emissions-reduction practices into USDA’s conservation programs and providing financial incentives to farmers that voluntarily adopt them.

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