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House Ag Committee Dealing with Chinese Influence on U.S. Ag

The House Agriculture Committee held a hearing Wednesday regarding concerns over foreign influence on American agriculture. Ranking Member David Scott (D-GA) said the more specific purpose of the hearing was to discuss the influence that China has on U.S. agriculture.

“I want us to keep in mind that China is an important trading partner to the U.S.,” Scott said in his opening statement. “We need a thorough and policy-heavy conversation so we can help American farmers and our agricultural system navigate this issue.”

He also pointed out that China is America’s largest trading partner, accounting for $33.7 billion in U.S. agricultural exports last fiscal year. American farmers produce way more than the country can use domestically, so trade is vital.

“My colleagues will often note that we are in an agricultural trade deficit,” he added. “I’m here to tell you that alienating our trade partners will only deepen the deficit.”

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