Friday, April 12, 2024
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Iowa Calls on Biden for 2024 E15 Fix

The Iowa delegation of federal lawmakers is asking the Biden administration to issue a waiver authorizing E-15 sales this summer. The letter underscores the geopolitical significance of immediate, uninterrupted access to E-15 and its importance for Iowa drivers and individuals along the ethanol supply chain.

Led by Senator Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, the letter states, “As we expressed to Administrator Regan last week, we remain concerned that delaying implementation until 2025 will have devastating effects.” The delegation previously addressed the issue with Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan last week. In February 2024, the EPA approved a petition Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds filed in 2022 alongside seven other Midwestern states, permitting year-round, nationwide E-15 sales. However, EPA’s recent authorization won’t take effect until 2025.

The letter continues, “We the undersigned urge you to once again issue an emergency waiver to allow for the summertime sale of E-15, extending the Reid vapor pressure (RVP) waiver from June 1 through September 15.”

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