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Summertime E15 Sales Could Provide Price Relief, Farm Groups Say

Farm groups urged EPA administrator Michael Regan to swiftly grant a waiver that would allow summertime E15 sales and offset disruptions in the global energy markets. Joe Gilson, American Farm Bureau Federation government affairs director, says the waiver helps provide consumers relief at the pump.

“President Biden’s administration has used this emergency authority before in 2022 and in 2023 to help lower gas prices, and we’re urging him to do that again,” according to Gilson.

EPA granted Midwestern states a permanent waiver but that does not take effect until 2025. Gilson says, “And so, that’s why we need this emergency authority granted so that we can continue to give consumers that choice at the pump. And when they have that choice, they can save up to 10 to 30 cents a gallon when they choose E15.”

The coalition includes AFBF, Growth Energy, Renewable Fuels Association, National Corn Growers Association, National Farmers Union and National Sorghum Producers. Gilson encouraged farmers to seek support for year-round E15. Gilson says, “To the extent that we can replace some of the instability on the global market with homegrown ethanol that’s supporting America’s farmers, we want to do that. And so, if you’re interested, contact your member of Congress, let them know that this is important, and we need to urge everyone in the Biden administration to support this request to grant E15 year-round.”

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