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Drone Operators Urged to Give Right of Way

The U.S agricultural industry is entering the growing season, which means things will get busy. The National Agricultural Aviation Association is asking all uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) operators (or drones) to be mindful of low-altitude crewed or manned agricultural aircraft operations.

Agricultural vehicles treat 127 million acres of cropland in the U.S. each year to help farmers increase productivity and protect their crops, in addition to pastureland, rangeland, and forestry. UAS are not allowed above 400 feet without a waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration, and manned agricultural aircraft fly as low as ten feet off the ground when making an application. This means they share the low-altitude space with many drones.

“With the growing number of uncrewed aircraft operations over the last few years, it’s critical for their operators to be aware of low-flying, manned agricultural aircraft,” says Andrew Moore, chief executive officer of the National Ag Aviation Association.

If you’re going to fly an uncrewed aircraft system, please be responsible and do everything you can to avoid crewed/manned agricultural aircraft. Learn more at and

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