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NODAR Introduces New SwathGuidance Feature, Providing Farm Vehicles with Automated Swath Following Capabilities

Somerville MA – April 3, 2024— NODAR,  the leading provider of advanced stereo vision technology for autonomous vehicles (AVs), announces today a new feature called SwathGuidance that empowers farm vehicles with automated swath following capabilities. The new technology is part of NODAR’s AgriView product, an advanced 3D vision system for autonomous farming.

NODAR SwathGuidance utilizes cameras and software to identify and track swaths of nearly any material, shape, and volume, as far away as 60 meters and as small as 10 cm in height. Tracking objects on uneven surfaces is a challenging problem that is readily solved with NODAR’s advanced stereo vision technology, which produces high-resolution 3D point clouds of the field. Advanced processing of the 3D data converts it from high-bandwidth and high-density data to a simplified overhead view (or bird’s eye view) of the farming surface, highlighting the location of swaths (and other notably high objects). On-board perception and routing applications can easily leverage the accuracy and range of NODAR’s AgriView vision system to automatically follow windrows and automate vehicle guidance.

“NODAR’s stereo vision technology provides unprecedented range, precision, and robustness in harsh environments, enhancing farming operations,” says Leaf Jiang, Chief Executive Officer at NODAR. “Our latest feature, SwathGuidance, further enables farming automation, allowing farmers to use their time more productively while improving the efficiency of operations. ”

NODAR’s AgriView revolutionizes agricultural automation with unparalleled 3D sensing for autonomous farming applications. Utilizing the precise data produced by NODAR’s Hammerhead 3D computer vision technology, AgriView enables a variety of farm automation applications, such as autonomous vehicle navigation, spout and sprayer alignment, and now swath following.

With the addition of SwathGuidance to NODAR’s AgriView product, NODAR is expanding its commitment to the farming industry with a solution dedicated to a specific application area – swath following. SwathGuidance is designed from the ground up to be quickly and seamlessly integrated into existing and new automated agricultural equipment.


NODAR is the leading provider of camera-based 3D vision technology and is a crucial component in the development of ADAS and autonomous vehicles, bringing safety, advanced performance, and cost-effectiveness to the automotive market. NODAR’s award-winning 3D vision platform, called Hammerhead, delivers reliable, ultra-precise, and real-time 3D sensing at an ultra-long-range (up to 1000 meters), providing better-than-lidar 3D data at the price point of camera technology. NODAR uniquely provides long-range, high-density, high frame-rate 3D data to AVs and is able to detect any object as small as 10 cm to 150 m. NODAR Hammerhead is currently available for integration and offers an ideal solution for forward collision warning, path planning, automatic emergency braking, traffic jam assist, VRU detection, and parking valet. NODAR was founded in 2018 and is backed by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Rhapsody Venture Partners. For more information, please visit

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