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U.S. Bans Avian Products from Australian State

U.S. imports of poultry and other avian products from the Australian state of Victoria are banned in a bid to stop the spread of bird flu. That statement comes from USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Imports of poultry, commercial birds, and hatching eggs have also been prohibited.

Processed avian products and byproducts from Victoria will need an import permit or government certificate from APHIS showing they’ve met the agency’s requirements. Avian and egg products must have a thoroughly cooked appearance and be contained in hermetically sealed packaging and cooked in a commercial method so items are stable without refrigeration. Items can also have an import permit or certification from APHIS showing they were handled per the agency’s usual requirements.

The list of banned products includes “hunter-harvested, non-fully finished avian trophies and meat,” APHIS says. The agency also says any restrictions will be updated as more information becomes available.

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