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From Bonanza Farms to AgTech: Newly Launched Ag Innovation Corridor

Fargo, N.D. – The Ag Innovation Corridor, a collaboration of over 100 agricultural  companies is set to promote Fargo and its surrounding region as a global epicenter for ag  technology & innovation. 

Branded as the Ag Innovation Corridor, the effort will focus on bringing exposure to the region that  results in the attracting new ag businesses, whether they are existing companies expanding,  relocating or start-ups. The Corridor will also work to attract and grow the region’s workforce, in  addition to securing venture capital and facilitating partnerships for the Corridor.  

The effort celebrates a rich heritage of agricultural innovations from historic Bonanza Farms to  Three Sisters Planting in our tribal nations to new modern breakthroughs we see today. The region  has been a cradle of ag innovation breakthroughs, such as the invention of the skid steer loader by  Bobcat, Steiger Tractor (now part of CNH), Microsoft innovative ag related accounting package and  countless innovations at North Dakota State University. Today, the legacy is carried forward by  companies like Bushel, John Deere Electronic Solutions, Appareo (now part of AGCO), and over 15  recent start-ups that are transforming the industry. 

The future of agriculture in the region is exceptionally promising. A robust entrepreneurial base, the  visionary Grand Farm project, building a campus where growers, industry professionals, and  educators will collaborate to deliver innovative solutions and The Dakota Smart Farm a future living  laboratory to develop and refine technologies that optimize crop production, resource utilization  and overall farm management.  

Barry Batcheller, a local entrepreneur, and founder of Appareo Systems recently commented on  our future in ag innovation, “The culture and accomplishments in the agricultural arena for this  area has an amazing history, but what is happening here today is an explosion of ideas that will  have a substantial impact on ag and food production.”  

“Telling our story through this initiative will play an important role in helping reach our goal of  increasing the workforce and attracting investments in agriculture “said Ryan Aasheim, Chief  Business Development Officer.  

The Ag Innovation Corridor is not just a branding effort; it’s a commitment to advancing agriculture  through a blend of heritage and cutting-edge technology, solidifying Fargo and its neighbors as the  heart of global ag innovation. 

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