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Minnesota Ethanol Producers Association Joins American Carbon Alliance

URBANDALE, Iowa – The American Carbon Alliance (ACA) announced that the Minnesota Ethanol Producers Association has joined the alliance. To date, ethanol trade associations in every state representing the proposed Summit Carbon Pipeline have joined the ACA’s efforts.

“We appreciate the work the Minnesota Ethanol Producers Association has been doing to expand access and knowledge about the benefits of biofuels across the state,” said Tom Buis, CEO of the American Carbon Alliance. “We’re happy to have their support in our alliance, and look forward to working with them to bring about a new energy future in America.”

“The Minnesota Ethanol Producers Association proudly supports the efforts and the mission of the American Carbon Alliance,” said Chris Hanson, representing the Minnesota Ethanol Producers Association. “Carbon pipelines are important to the bioethanol industry, and the bioethanol industry is critical to the future of agriculture in Minnesota, the United States, and around the world.”

The Minnesota Ethanol Producers Association works to promote the production and use of bioethanol throughout the state of Minnesota. Founded in 2004, they have created an environment where there are more options than in any other state for consumers to fuel up with clean-burning, low-cost bioethanol blends.

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