American Ag Network

Since 1984, the American Ag Network has served farmers in the Northern Plains by delivering farm news, market information, and weather. We were the first ag radio network in North and South Dakota and are proud of our legacy more than 30 years later. The American Ag Network broadcasts on dozens of affiliate stations covering the Dakotas. In addition to the Dakotas, we’re heard in Montana, Minnesota, and other neighboring states.

Program Team

Rusty Halvorson

Farm News Director

We’re proud to feature Rusty Halvorson as the voice of the American Ag Network. With family roots in radio and agriculture, Rusty joined the network more than two decades ago, proudly serving with network pioneer Lyle Romine. He has received several NAFB Marketcast Awards and was awarded the NAFB Excellence in Ag Reporting for his news story on the challenges Congress would face in drafting a Farm Bill in 2012. Rusty is an active member of the NAFB.

Sabrina Hill

Digital Director/Farm Broadcaster

Sabrina came to the American Ag Network after building a successful broadcast journalism career in the fast-paced markets of California. She became known nationally as a top agriculture news reporter and chose to make the Dakotas her home. Sabrina is an active member in the National Association of Farm Broadcasting, serving as the 2016-2017 West Region Vice President and 2018 co-chair of the Washington Watch committee.

RSS Week in Review Podcast

Program Schedule

DayTime (Central)ProgramLength
Mon-Sat6:20 a.m.South Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Sat6:25 a.m.North Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri6:30 a.m.South Dakota Weather3:00
Mon-Fri6:35 a.m.North Dakota Weather3:00
Mon-Fri6:50 a.m.E-Trade Grains/Livestock Recap3:00
Mon-Sat7:15 a.m.South Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri7:25 a.m.North Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri7:50 a.m.E-Trade Review/Livestock Call3:00
Mon-Fri9:15 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri9:40 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri10:25 a.m.Ag Weather/Markets3:00
Mon-Fri10:55 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri11:50 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri12:20 p.m.Farm News Today4:00
Mon-Fri12:45 p.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Sat12:50 p.m.South Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Sat12:55 p.m.North Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri1:15 p.m.Livestock Close3:00
Mon-Fri1:35 p.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri2:06 p.m.Grain/Livestock Close4:00