September 29, 2022
Fargo, US 63 F

Since 1984, the American Ag Network has served farmers by delivering farm news, market information, and weather. We are proud of our legacy more than 30 years later. The American Ag Network broadcasts on dozens of affiliate radio stations, provides news online at, and hosts a weekly podcast of the latest news and events.

Program Schedule

DayTime (Central)ProgramLength
Mon-Sat6:20 a.m.Farm News4:00
Mon-Sat6:25 a.m.Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri6:30 a.m.Weather3:00
Mon-Fri6:35 a.m.Weather3:00
Mon-Fri6:50 a.m.E-Trade Grains/Livestock Recap3:00
Mon-Sat7:15 a.m.Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri7:25 a.m.Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri7:50 a.m.E-Trade Review/Livestock Call3:00
Mon-Fri8:45 a.m.Opening Markets3:00
Mon-Fri9:15 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri9:40 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri10:55 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri11:50 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri12:20 p.m.Farm News Today4:00
Mon-Fri12:45 p.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Sat12:50 p.m.Farm News4:00
Mon-Sat12:55 p.m.Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri1:15 p.m.Livestock Close3:00
Mon-Fri1:35 p.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri2:06 p.m.Grain/Livestock Close4:00