May 23, 2015

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Trade Promotion Authority Passes Major Senate Hurdle

Twelve Democrats joined 50 Republicans to end a Senate filibuster of President Obama’s top domestic priority – trade promotion authority. The vote greased the skids for final Senate passage of TPA – needed to secure a Trans Pacific trade deal among the U.S. and 11 Pacific nations – which could dramatically boost U.S. farm exports […]

From left to right, top row: Joey Tigges, Durbin, ND; Annie White Carlson, Mercer, ND; Ronda Throener, Cogswell, ND; Front Row, left to right Julie Peterson, Harwood, ND; Vanessa Kummer, Colfax, ND

CommonGround North Dakota Aims To Connect Consumers With Their Food

  Conversations about farming and food.  That’s the motto of the CommonGround   group tasked with connecting consumers with the farmers who grow their food.  Their goal is to show that food comes from people, not factories and to educate consumers about production methods and practices.  Those efforts couldn’t have been more evident than it was […]


House Ag Committee Votes To Repeal COOL

Vote With that, The House Ag Committee passed a bill this morning that would repeal the now offending Country of Origin labeling law.  The move is meant to preempt any retaliation measures by Canada or Mexico now that the U.S. is found to be out of compliance with international trade laws.  Not everyone is on […]


World Trade Organization Announces U.S. Has Lost COOL Appeal

The World Trade Organization announced its final ruling on the Country of Origin labeling dispute between the U.S. and Canada and Mexico, confirming earlier rumors that the U.S. has lost its last appeal.  The WTO made the announcement this morning following months of rumors; the decision will open the way for retaliatory trade measures by […]


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