October 21, 2014

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WTO Rules Against U.S. Country of Origin Labeling

The World Trade Organization has again ruled against Country of Origin Labeling. The WTO compliance panel decided the rule was less favorable to meat imports from Canada and Mexico and more favorable to domestically produced meats. The ruling was announced Monday. The panel concluded the amended COOL measure “increases the original COOL measure’s detrimental impact […]


EPA Approves Dow’s Enlist Duo Herbicide

EPA registration of Dow’s Enlist Duo Herbicide was announced Wednesday. The pesticide is for use in controlling weeds in corn and soybeans genetically-engineered to tolerate 2,4-D and glyphosate. This approval follows USDA’s September approval of corn and soybean varieties designed to tolerate the herbicide. The decision posted to the regulatory docket states that the decision […]


U.S. Ag Sec Vilsack Speaks On New Price Support Programs

While Producers around the Midwest have been preoccupied with harvest, officials at USDA have been busy wrapping up the final measures to implement one of the cornerstones of the 2014 farm bill. One of the major changes this time around will that previous price support programs will go away and producers will now have to […]


Report Says Agriculture Is Becoming Burden In China

According to a report in the New York Times, agriculture is becoming a burden for China. The article states many farmers have migrated to cities after becoming frustrated by how little they earn. Farm output in China remains high but they point to rural living standards that have failed to keep up with the pace […]


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