May 30, 2016

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Chief Ag Negotiator Darci Vetter Said Agriculture Key To T-TIP Talks

Agriculture has been skeptical thus far of trade negotiations with the European Union, but the administration’s top agricultural negotiator hopes they come around and support a potential agreement. Ag groups lined up to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but haven’t been as vocal in their support of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the EU. […]


Waterway Bill Defeated By House Ahead Of Memorial Day Holiday

A key bill to modernize locks failed in the United States House in an embarrassing defeat for Republican leadership.  G-O-P rank and file largely abandoned the bill over a controversial amendment. It should have been routine. The bill contained $6 billion for Army Corps civil works, and more than $370 million for inland waterways projects. But, in […]

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Senate Ag Committee Fields Hearing on Livestock Challenges – Audio

The Senate Ag Committee on Thursday held a hearing on the challenges and opportunities facing livestock and poultry producers. Chairman Pat Roberts noted in his opening comments that it was the first such hearing in five years. Congress is examining volatility in the livestock markets from a number of angles, with the House Agriculture Subcommittee […]


USDA NASS Collecting June Survey Data – AUDIO

USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service will begin collecting data for the June surveys on crops and livestock. In the first two weeks of June, NASS will survey U.S. producers and visit tracts of farm land to collect information. Responses to these surveys provide the foundation for estimates in the upcoming growing year and will first […]


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